About us

A thing or two about us

Promilia™ Corporation, incorporated May 01, 2006 is one of Canada’s newest media and information technology companies, consisting of two divisions, Promilia™ Media and Promilia™ Communications. “Milia” is from the German word meaning industrious and the Teutonic word also meaning hard working, which when prefixed with “Pro” means “for hard work” or “very industrious”.

The vision of Promilia™ Media is to identify and promote emerging artists, entertainment venues, and services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Promilia’s content may be seen worldwide via Promilia™-branded internet properties.

While the vision of Promilia™ Communications is to provide information technology services including website development & hosting primarily for home, and small businesses within the Greater Toronto Area. These visions were formed by Ainsley Miller the founder of Promilia Corporation.

Ainsley Miller

Ainsley is truly a technologist, he loves working and playing with tech. He graduated from the Humber College Computer Programmer Analyst program in 2005 and went on to work for companies in the Media & Telecommunication, Healthcare,  Advertising and Insurance industries. He specializes in SharePoint development, which is a Microsoft business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the internet built on the .Net framework. Although he specializes in .Net he strongly believes in the future of open-source, because with technologies like Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP and limited resources virtually anyone can create the next Facebook.

Ainsley is not all work, he loves to travel and also volunteers to charities. Follow him on Twitter @ainsley_miller

Del Miller

Del has over 15 years of high tech engineering design and consulting experience with top corporations both in Canada and the US. He has been a key player in deals worth over $70 million. Del has a B.Sc. Computer Engineering degree from the University of Ottawa. Besides his professional work, Del is also an active member of the local Toronto community.  Follow him on Twitter @Delmiller